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Our Three Exclusive Weight Loss Programs 


Exclusively You Program

Exclusively You offers traditional dieting at its best! If you enjoy preparing meals from grocery store foods, this flagship diet program is the ideal choice for you. Let us help you secure the keys to weight loss success through wiser food choices, better portion control and healthier meal preparation tips.

  • Prepare all meals with traditional grocery store foods
  • Special products available for convenient weight loss support
  • Exclusive Diet Center Chewable Supplements to help curb hunger, stabilize blood sugar, metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates more effectively and provide energy during your diet

  • Easy-to-follow tips to healthier meal preparation
  • Guidance to support lifetime weight loss

The foundation of the Diet Center's method of weight loss and weight management success, Exclusively You, is ideal for dieters who like to prepare their own meals. After determining the right caloric level for you through the enrollment process, you'll have access to interactive meal planners, recipe guides, diet resources and more. This easy-to-follow program is based on four essential phases of weight loss: Conditioning, Reducing, Stabilization and Maintenance and is focused on better food choices, healthier eating habits, behavioral guidance techniques and exercise tips.

While the program is focused on preparing balanced meals using grocery store foods, many of Diet Center's weight loss support products can be incorporated into your meal plans such as meal replacements, entree options, protein snacks, fat-burning products and more!

Instant Shape Up Program

Instant Shape Up is an aggressive meal replacement program recently reformulated to be lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein. This program is the perfect solution to the challenge of staying on your diet program when you're too busy to plan meals. Designed for versatility, Instant Shape Up is a stand alone program and is also used in the Conditioning Phase of Exclusively You to jump start weight loss. The Instant Shape Up meal plan specifies three meal replacement bars or shakes per day followed by a wholesome meal in the evening prepared from fresh, grocery store foods. Instant Shape Up meal replacement products are available in many delicious flavors and are nutritionally balanced and fulfilling, helping to make it easy and convenient to follow the program

Thermogenic Diet Food Management Program

index based on research that indicates an association between lower insulin levels and increased fat burning. It also features high satiety foods to satisfy the appetite and help a dieter feel full longer. Carefully selected proteins, essential fatty acids, spices, and vegetable have been selected, as well special! formulated diet Center products to enhance the process of thermogenesis and maximize weight loss results. Our diet offers a specific balance of higher protein, low fat, and lower carbohydrate levels.

There are 5 secret components to the Diet; 24 hour advanced fat burning thermogenics, appetite suppressing foods, foods that keep your body in fat burning mode, thermic foods and aloe gel. 

Diet Center Chewable Supplements

Known as…

“Diet Center’s Little Gold Mind”

Diet Centers Chewable Dietary Supplement helps to control blood sugar levels which in turn helps the fat burning process in two very specific way's.

First, it helps reduce or eliminate hunger and irritability associated with most diets.

Secondly, it contains the ingredients, which helps promote metabolism of all fats, carbohydrates and proteins to make sure your diet is working for you-the healthy way! It also helps with sugar cravings.

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For more information about my weight loss programs and dietary supplements, please contact me at Diet Center of Lodi in Lodi, California. I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

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